Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Job Postings - 2/2013

In the past few weeks, we've been quite active in recruiting and the number of orders have been increasing, a good sign that the job market in Tokyo is recovering.

Here's a list of top positions we are actively recruiting for:

1. Human Resources Director - Experienced and seasoned HR professional with native level Japanese language and high English fluency. Generalist background with emphasis in recruiting, talent acquisition, talent management, training / learning and development with organization change. Leadership skill along with maturity and team management experience are essential.
Salary: 20 million yen+

2. Human Resources C&B Manager - Experienced Compensation & Benefits Manager for a global international firm in Tokyo. Must have extensive knowledge and experience in C&B.
Salary: 10 million yen

3. Human Resources Manager - Generalist background with bilingual (Japanese - English) ability, experienced in working for Japanese and international firms and play an integral part of the HR management team. Salary: 10-12 million yen.

4. Executive Assistant to the CEO - Bilingual Executive Assistant / Secretary for a large and established international firm in central Tokyo. Salary: 8 million yen max.

5. Sales Director - IT company - Central Tokyo - Bilingual (Japanese - English) and must have experience in selling to banks or telecom firms. Salary: 20 million yen.

Please contact AL to apply: aparvez@advance-tokyo.com