Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Open position list update 1-26-2009

The new year started off quite well for us despite the economic crisis and the continuing hiring freezes with a number of clients.  We are still active in the IT sector with positions for software engineers, project managers, sales and a few marketing positions which are keeping us quite busy.  

Here is a list of open positions, feel free to inquire for details: 
  1. 3G and Radio Access Engineer (RAN) 
  2. HR specialist - Payroll 
  3. Marketing/PR for software 
  4. Security software engineer 
  5. LINUX engineer 
  6. Country Manager - Telecommunications related firm (part-time) 
Luxury Brand/Consumer goods
  1. Visual Merchandiser 
  2. Shop/Boutique Manager 
  3. Watch Technician 
  4. Sales Promotion Specialist 
  5. PR Specialist 
  6. Stage/production designer 
  1. Executive Chef - Oita, Kyushu
  2. F&B (food & beverage) Manager - Oita, Kyushu
  3. Golf Resort / Hotel GM - Hokkaido
  4. Hospitality Sales Manager - Tokyo
  1. Accountant- Assistant manager of accounting 
  2. Junior Accountant 
  3. Bookkeeper 
  4. Financial Controller 
  5. Financial Analyst 
The Advance Team has always a high sense of urgency, sincere to the needs of our clients and candidates and always keeping a watchful eye on good job opportunities. So, keep your spirits high, your feet on the ground and stay focused during this turbulent time. Call us anytime for free consultation by phone or make an appointment. 

We look forward to receiving your updated resume and welcome you to register with us. 

Best wishes for the New Year!


Al Isago Parvez
CEO & Representative Director 
Advance Inc. ( Now celebrating our 11th year) 

Update on the Japan Market as of 1-26-2009

Economic data and events this week once again pointed to a sharp deterioration in the economy and unusual financial conditions. Trade statistics for December reveal a continuing, historic nosedive in exports, while the Senior Loan Officer Survey indicates that key capital markets remain dysfunctional and banks are tightening lending standards. In this context, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) decided to assume more credit risk in order to support corporate financing, while revising down its growth/inflation outlook substantially. However, we are skeptical that the BoJ’s “credit easing” will have a meaningfully positive impact on overall financial conditions.