Thursday, October 19, 2006

Candidates are saying to me these days: "There are so may recruiting agents in Tokyo. It seems they all look and talk the same."

Another reason why a recruiting professional in Tokyo needs to differentiate themselves from the rest of the countless Agent Smiths who are out there. From my observations for the past 11 years in recruiting in Tokyo, I think its best that I ask myself and other recruiters the following questions:

  • Being sincere and quick to respond (our motto) is enough to suceed?
  • Cold, hard aggressiveness are the only ingredients of success in recruiting?
  • Being bilingual is one thing but are you bicultural?
  • You may be a great public speaker and eloquent in your expressions but do you really listen?
  • Do you just wait for people to call you back or do you call them again?
  • Are you worried to much of what others may think of you?
  • Do you think you can generate 50 million yen in revenue a year by just writing emails to candidates/clients?
  • Do I give the impression as being arrogant or overly confident?
  • Do you have a high sense of urgency?
  • Am I meeting the right type of people for the positions?
  • How can I dfferentiate myself from the rest?
  • Can I walk and chew gum at the same time? (Jack Welch)
  • Am I a Hunter or a Farmer in the recruiting industry?

These are things that we must constantly ask ourselves and try to maintain or increase the quality of service to our clients and build an everlasting parntership with our candidates.

Talk to you soon and have a nice weekend.

Al Isago Parvez

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