Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Interplace Tokyo Update - September 5th, 2006

Greetings from Interplace Tokyo Office!

Now that we are approaching the Autumn Season, the last recruiting surge of the year has started. It has never changed in my 11 years of recruiting and there's more activity this year than last year at this time.

Here is a list of urgent positions we are trying to fill. Feel free to contact me
direclty if you want more details:

* Country Manager for Taiwan - Embedded Software

* IT Sales - Senior Sales Manager, Sales Manager and Account Manager/Executive needed for networking hardware companies

* Systems Engineer - several positions available

* HR Director - Foreign based Consumer Goods Company

* Financial Controller, Finance Manager and Accountants - needed for all industries.

* Automotive Parts - Sales - selling high end automotive parts to domestic and foreign clients

* Merchandising Manager - Women's Fashion company

* M&A Specialist - for Financial insttituion

* Executive Secretary to the President - Experience necessary with high level of English or French / Japanese language ability.

* Shop Manager- For foreign based jewelry company and fashion company.

* IT Manager - Non - IT client

All positions are in the Tokyo Metro Area except for the position in Taiwan. Contact me for details.

Now is a good time to be looking for a new career.

Thank you,
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