Friday, August 11, 2006

Reality check - for clients.

I have been witnessing the trend of IT companies offering positions to highly qualified engineers after the 1st or 2nd interviews. What used to be quite rare is now becomming the norm. My advice to any clients who interviews our engineering candidates (SEs, PMs, Pre/Post Sales, CTOs and others) is to offer the position when you feel the person is a good fit and as soon as possible. Good Engineers most likely are interviewing with 2 - 5 other potential employers before they sit down with you since the job market has picked up steam since early 2006. Therefore, you must be very aggressive in offering the position for the right candidate quickly with a good competitive package. If you think you can buy a Porshe for the price of a Daihatsu, it's not going to happen so go all out and beat the competition by getting the best people fast. Money isn't everything but sometimes it does take Cold Hard Cash to hire the right people. It will help any company to build a great team by hiring the best quickly.

Well, got to get back on phones.

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