Saturday, July 15, 2006


as of 7/13/06

At least 10 years of experience required, high level English speaking ability, people management skills/experience and competent in core areas in Recruiting, Training/Employee Development and C&B a plus. Location: Tokyo Metro Area. We have three positions like this available. Salary range: 15 - 18 Million Yen Annual

We are seeking accounting professionals for various positions in Finance/Real Estate and Consumer Goods industries. Business English ability preferred, CPA a plus and knowledge of USGAAP / SOX would be great. Location: Tokyo Metro Area. Salary range:
8 Million yen - 14 Million yen Annual.

Two postiions available at consumer goods companies. 1st postiion deals with Infrastructure side and must know Cisco Router Technology, manage a staff of 3-4 engineers, fluent in English/Japanese and be part of the Global IT Team. 2nd postiion is an IT Management position focusing more on server side with experience in dealing with POS (point of sale) systems used in the retail industry.
Location: Tokyo Metro Area. Salary range: 15 Million Yen - 20 Million yen Annual.

Store Managers needed for big retail client. Must have at least 8 years experience in retail sales (Fashion & Leather) required. Intermediate English speak ability a plus and must be able to manage the entire operation of a high end luxury brand.
Salary: depending on current. Location: various key locations in Tokyo.

Highly confidential search and unable to disclose details at this time. If you are a well seasoned executive in the software industry and fluent in Japanese and English then I would be happy to talk to you more about it. Location: Tokyo Metro Area.
Salary: 20 Million yen+

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these positions.
Thank you,
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