Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Excuse me, there's a recruiter in my soup"

More or less not far from the truth here in Tokyo where the Recruiting industry is now growing rapidly each year. The average lifespan of a recruiting firm in Tokyo is 5 years. 90% of all recruiting firms will be out of business by the 5th year according to the Tokyo Labor Office. Despite these stats, there are many new recruiting firms popping up all over town each month. I can't believe we're now finishing our 8th year in business (knock on wood) and getting a steady stream of referrals, repeat business from clients and expanding our outreach. I guess we are doing something right. Some call me "old school" for meeting candidates and clients in person, getting to know our candidates well and using the phone more than just sending emails. Of course, I send more than 200 a day and receive twice that amount but it can't replace voice, which is still the "killer app" in our business.

Candidates are saying that they are being barraged by incoming calls at work, home, cellphone and emails from recruiters they don't know and for some, it is getting somewhat stressful. Well, if you're a top performer and you're doing a great job, then don't be surprised to hear from "Agent Smith" on other end of phone. A good recruiter is going to find out about you from their research or from a friend/Alumni/colleague/former collegue. Some take it as a compliment but there comes a point when you need to limit this flow of suitors and deal with one or a few whom you have a good impression, dealt with before, or is highly recommended and you can trust. I should know, I was on the other end as a candidate many years ago in New York City when I "got the call" from many Agent Smiths but there was one who was professional in every way, who listened, gave good advice, was persistent and gave me a great offer. He placed me in the Advertising industry for which I am very thankful.
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