Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hot New Positions as of 7/29/2006

Acountants! Accountants! Accountants!

We have more than 10 positions at our clients seeking Accountants in the following industries:

Finance (Private Equity)


Consumer Goods / Luxury Brand

Location: Tokyo Metro Area

Type of positions:

Controller - CPA a must - 8-10 years of accounting experience

Treasury - for Private Equity (Finance)

Acountanting Generalist - Junior Level 2-3 years experience.

Accounting Managers


Accounting professionals with CPA, USGAAP, JGAAP and J-SOX knowledge/ experience

Thank you,

Hope you all had a great and productive week!
Getting ready for the big rush before OBON and just got this hot new position from one of our clients.

Position: Taiwan Sales Director

Company: Embedded Security Solutions Company

Location: Taiwan

The Taiwan sales director position entails being part of an existing Taiwan sales and business development team, eventually taking over full responsibility in Taiwan for establishing, developing and closing deals with key semiconductor manufacturers in the mobile, flash storage and consumer electronic industries, as well as with mobile handset and other device manufactures. Despite the fact that a strong lead pipeline exists, the sales director will be required to generate revenues from new accounts as well as provide ongoing account management for existing customers, thereby achieving return sales. The candidate must have profound technical background, preferably in the embedded industry, with strong customer orientation and OEM sales experience. The candidate needs to present strong drive for success, be highly motivated, self-sufficient and innovative.
The candidate's background should include most of the following:
• Familiarity with the semiconductor industry, preferably with mobile chipsets and processors for flash storage devices
• Familiarity with the mobile handset industry
• Ability to conduct commercial and contract negotiations of complex and high-valued contracts
• Intensive customer interaction including presentations, RFQ responses, and coordinating customer technical workshops
• Proven sales track record of highly technical products
• Experience in working for/with foreign companies
• Experience in performing sales in a semiconductor IP business model
• Experience in performing sales in an embedded software business model
• Understanding of cryptographic processes, standard security protocols and applications
• An engineering degree
• Excellent knowledge of English (in particular, communicating by email and speaking)
• Innovative in finding solutions
• Very strong customer orientation and ability to create long term relationship across all levels of the organization (technical, marketing, management)
• Independent and self-motivated
• A team player

Please let me know if you or someone you know may be interested.
I will be contacting some ideal candidates we know in Taiwan but would like to hear from you.
Take care and more to come.

Interplace Tokyo

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

NETTOKYO 2006 - the best charity event I have ever attended.

I have been to countless Charity Events in my lifetime in the US and Japan but I must say that NetTokyo 2006 ranks as the top ten. It was held last Saturday and
organized by a great group of determined individuals and sponsors to support, in my opinion, worthy charities that deserve mention. One of them is to support Children with Cancer who are in Japan as well as the Hamigaki Project - to provide tooth brushes for the homeless. The food, decor, the venue and the people were all top drawer in my book. It was a great networking event and I got a chance to meet hundreds of great people.


Website, I encourage people to attend the next one in November, 2006. Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Excuse me, there's a recruiter in my soup"

More or less not far from the truth here in Tokyo where the Recruiting industry is now growing rapidly each year. The average lifespan of a recruiting firm in Tokyo is 5 years. 90% of all recruiting firms will be out of business by the 5th year according to the Tokyo Labor Office. Despite these stats, there are many new recruiting firms popping up all over town each month. I can't believe we're now finishing our 8th year in business (knock on wood) and getting a steady stream of referrals, repeat business from clients and expanding our outreach. I guess we are doing something right. Some call me "old school" for meeting candidates and clients in person, getting to know our candidates well and using the phone more than just sending emails. Of course, I send more than 200 a day and receive twice that amount but it can't replace voice, which is still the "killer app" in our business.

Candidates are saying that they are being barraged by incoming calls at work, home, cellphone and emails from recruiters they don't know and for some, it is getting somewhat stressful. Well, if you're a top performer and you're doing a great job, then don't be surprised to hear from "Agent Smith" on other end of phone. A good recruiter is going to find out about you from their research or from a friend/Alumni/colleague/former collegue. Some take it as a compliment but there comes a point when you need to limit this flow of suitors and deal with one or a few whom you have a good impression, dealt with before, or is highly recommended and you can trust. I should know, I was on the other end as a candidate many years ago in New York City when I "got the call" from many Agent Smiths but there was one who was professional in every way, who listened, gave good advice, was persistent and gave me a great offer. He placed me in the Advertising industry for which I am very thankful.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


as of 7/13/06

At least 10 years of experience required, high level English speaking ability, people management skills/experience and competent in core areas in Recruiting, Training/Employee Development and C&B a plus. Location: Tokyo Metro Area. We have three positions like this available. Salary range: 15 - 18 Million Yen Annual

We are seeking accounting professionals for various positions in Finance/Real Estate and Consumer Goods industries. Business English ability preferred, CPA a plus and knowledge of USGAAP / SOX would be great. Location: Tokyo Metro Area. Salary range:
8 Million yen - 14 Million yen Annual.

Two postiions available at consumer goods companies. 1st postiion deals with Infrastructure side and must know Cisco Router Technology, manage a staff of 3-4 engineers, fluent in English/Japanese and be part of the Global IT Team. 2nd postiion is an IT Management position focusing more on server side with experience in dealing with POS (point of sale) systems used in the retail industry.
Location: Tokyo Metro Area. Salary range: 15 Million Yen - 20 Million yen Annual.

Store Managers needed for big retail client. Must have at least 8 years experience in retail sales (Fashion & Leather) required. Intermediate English speak ability a plus and must be able to manage the entire operation of a high end luxury brand.
Salary: depending on current. Location: various key locations in Tokyo.

Highly confidential search and unable to disclose details at this time. If you are a well seasoned executive in the software industry and fluent in Japanese and English then I would be happy to talk to you more about it. Location: Tokyo Metro Area.
Salary: 20 Million yen+

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these positions.
Thank you,
I found this in an online article featured on MSN today which I agree with, very insightful and may be useful to candidates to know about how to embellish a resume and NOT to "over do it" on a resume.

Avoid half-truths and gross exaggerations.
Most hiring managers and recruitment professionals have had their share of résumés pass across their desks during their career. So they are usually adept at deciphering embellishments in a résumé. They know that spending the last 10 years as a "domestic engineer" means you simply were home with your kids.

Keywords can help your résumé stand out.
Rather than embellish your titles and accomplishments, use recognizable industry keywords that will jump out at hiring managers reading your résumé and communicate exactly where your expertise lies. Keywords also help your résumé get flagged if you're submitting it electronically or posting it on a job site.

Focus on quantifiable accomplishments.
Use specifics when detailing your past accomplishments -- the amount of money you saved the company, the number of employees you managed, etc. Rather than saying you saved the company millions, state precisely that you "saved the company $2.4 million." Actual numbers and percentages sound much more credible.

Change titles only if it clarifies your position.
If your title uses little known, company-specific jargon, such as being called an "office contact," when you performed duties consistent with an "administrative assistant," then go ahead and use the better suited title. You could list your title on your résumé as "office contact/administrative assistant." Of course that doesn't give you the latitude to promote yourself to "vice president of administration."

Address gaps in your résumé.
Instead of fudging the dates of your past jobs to cover an employment gap, address the lapse in your résumé or cover letter to maintain chronological clarity. For instance, if you were out of work for a year during which time you took courses to enhance your education or professional credentials, list this academic stint on your résumé, rather than pretending the period of unemployment never happened.

Half-finished degrees should not be listed.
If you "almost" completed your degree, you cannot list it as an earned degree on your résumé. However, no education is ever wasted. Be sure to give yourself credit and list any completed coursework in a particular major or concentration.

Kate Lorenz is the article and advice editor for She researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Greetings from hot and humid Tokyo, Japan!

This is Al Parvez, CEO of Interplace, ltd and this is my first blog.

I am hoping to use this medium to reach out to people who are
interested in knowing more about the recruiting market, job opportunities and
give a bit of insignt on the the trends of the Tokyo job market and what our clients are looking for. I will also share my observations and opinions on future blogs.

I have been living in Japan for the past 14 years and recruiting in Tokyo for 11 years. I have riden the roller coast ride of the recruiting market from 1995 till the present while keeping myself sane, sober and relatively intact.

The past 6 months has been a flurry of activity in the recruiting market with many new foreign based recruiting firms opening up in Tokyo, massive advertisement campaigns in subways, TV, magazines and newspaper ads from the large recruiting giants and companies across all industries are hiring again.

The amount of job orders is increasing daily and it looks like the trend will continue for another 6 months with the volume reaching the year 1999 - 2000 levels. The difference is that candidates (Job seekers) are a lot smarter, aggressive and are more savy than they were 10 years ago. Client(companies which are hiring) are more aggressive in their hiring while being very selective as well. There are more candidates in the market than before and therefore the Executive Recruiter needs to work harder to pre-screen more candidates than before. More sophisticated software, devices and tools are now at our disposal but in my opinion, these cannot replace the good old fashioned phone to get things done and having a high level of trust with candidates and clients.

More on this later and will blog again soon.
Here's my website:
a new one is now being designed.

Take care and talk to you all soon
Al Parvez
Interplace, ltd.